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An appliance is anything that attaches to your teeth which causes the teeth or jawbones to change their positions.


The arch-shaped metal wire attached to the brackets that acts as a track to guide the movements of your teeth. It is changed periodically during treatment to move the teeth to their new positions.


A metal ring that is cemented to a back tooth.


The process of fitting and cementing orthodontic bands to your back teeth (if needed).


The process of gluing brackets to your teeth using special orthodontic adhesives.


A small metal or ceramic attachment that is glued or bonded to the tooth. It serves as the attachment point to fasten the archwire to the tooth.

Cephalometric Imaging

A method of measuring the bones, skin and teeth of the head using a special x-ray image. This allows the orthodontist to determine the cause of the orthodontic problem, as well as measure the degree of the problem. Cephalometrics are used for diagnosis, treatment planning, and measuring treatment effects. Our office is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital imaging system that minimizes radiation for patient safety.

Coil Spring

A spring that fits between the brackets and over the archwire and which can be used to open or closes space between your teeth.


The process of removing cemented orthodontic bands and brackets from your teeth.

Elastic Band

A small rubber band that is hooked between different points on your braces to provide force to slide your teeth along the wire to their new positions.

Elastic Tie

The tiny, colored rubber band that fits around your bracket which is used to hold the archwire in place.


A device that slowly widens your upper jawbone.


A welded or removable arm to which rubber bands are attached.

Impressions (Study Models/Molds)

A mold of your teeth that is made using a soft putty material, and which is later used to create a replica (model) of your teeth.


A device that protects your mouth from injury when you participate in sports or rigorous activities.

Orthodontic appliances on tray

Panoramic Imaging

A special x-ray image that shows all of the teeth, bone, and surrounding areas on one picture. Our office is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital imaging system that minimizes radiation for patient safety.


An appliance that is worn after braces to maintain teeth alignment.

Separator (or Spacer)

A small rubber ring that is placed between select back teeth to make room for placing a band.


Wax (if needed) is used to cover your braces to prevent irritation of your lips and cheeks caused by the lips/cheek rubbing against the brackets.