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What is SureSmile® treatment?

SureSmile® is a treatment that works to gradually straighten teeth through the process of wearing a series of clear, custom-fit removable aligners. There are no brackets or wires like traditional metal braces.

Who can use SureSmile® clear aligners?

You will need to be seen by Dr. Gallagher for a complimentary exam to determine if SureSmile® is right for you. SureSmile® clear aligners can be a great way to straighten your teeth with a virtually invisible option. From simple teeth-straightening issues to complex, and maybe even bite issues, SureSmile® may be used to straighten and fix:

  • Overly crowded teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Slight winged or crooked teeth

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How does treatment with SureSmile® clear aligners straighten teeth?

Dr. Gallagher uses the world’s most advanced and accurate digital treatment planning software from SureSmile® to evaluate your treatment options. SureSmile® clear aligners are created using a proprietary algorithm and validated by an expert digital lab team to straighten teeth tooth-by-tooth for comfort with a laser-trimmed precision fit. SureSmile® invisible aligners provide gentle force over time to move your teeth. Typically, you will change aligners every 2 weeks. Each set of aligners will gently move your teeth with precision to achieve the ideal smile.

How long does SureSmile® treatment take?

Every smile is unique, and treatment times will vary, however, SureSmile® is specifically designed to expedite treatment time with fewer refinements. SureSmile® is a completely integrated workflow solution that is proven to expedite treatment time. By combining proprietary software with clinical decision support, registration of Pano, Ceph, 3D imaging models and robotic technology, you arrive at your desired smile faster with precision. In a clinical trial, the average SureSmile® treatment time was found to be much shorter than conventional treatment time—about 8 months shorter. In some cases, SureSmile® reduced treatment time up to 31% over conventional treatment.

How many hours per day are SureSmile® clear aligners worn?

For the best results possible, SureSmile® aligners should be worn between 20-22 hours each day (including while asleep).

How do you know which SureSmile® aligner to wear?

Each aligner is engraved with the first four letters of your name, a “U” for the upper teeth aligner and an “L” for the lower teeth, followed by the stage/next in series number.

Should SureSmile® clear aligners be removed when drinking water?

When drinking plain water, you don’t have to remove your SureSmile® aligners. If the water is flavored or infused with sugar, then the aligners must be removed prior to drinking. Ingredients other than plain water may cause discoloration over time to your aligners and make them less invisible. More importantly, if liquids or food get between your teeth and the aligners, it could cause tooth decay. The best advice? Take your SureSmile® clear aligners out when you wish to enjoy anything other than water.

Are there food restrictions while wearing SureSmile® aligners?

You don’t need to give up any of your favorite foods while in treatment. However, you need to remove your SureSmile® clear aligners when eating all snacks and meals, and when drinking all liquids except for cool water.

While wearing your aligners, please do not:

  • Chew gum
  • Drink hot, sweet, or colored liquids including clear soda

Take extra care with liquids. Hot liquids like coffee or soup may warp or distort the aligners. Drinking liquids like coffee, tea, wine or any other colored liquid may compromise the invisibility of your aligners.

How should SureSmile® aligners be stored when they are not worn?

SureSmile® clear aligners should be placed in the cases that were provided in the kit. There are two.

Can heat negatively affect SureSmile® clear aligners?

Yes, hot temperatures may affect SureSmile® aligners. Avoid exposing SureSmile® aligners to excessive heat or heat sources. Do not leave them on the dashboard of a car, at the beach, near a hot curling iron on the bathroom counter, or on the kitchen counter next to a stove that’s on or has been on.

What are some common cleaning mistakes to avoid?

When it comes to keeping your aligners clean, don’t make the mistake of cleaning SureSmile® aligners with the same products used to brush teeth.

Products to avoid and why:

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste: Can scratch the surface of the aligner and reduce clarity
  • Mouthwash: Most mouthwashes contain dyes that can discolor the aligner
  • Scented or colored soaps: Can cause discoloration, cloudiness & leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Hot water: Can potentially soften & distort the aligner

What should be used to clean the aligners?

Retainer Brite® products are recommended to clean your SureSmile® aligners safely and effectively. Always clean the aligners before each insertion. Be sure to choose the Retainer Brite® cleaning method that fits your daily routine. SureSmile® aligners can be quickly cleaned while you shower, eat meals, or if you are out on-the-go.

Can patients switch to SureSmile® if they are currently wearing braces, or have had other types of dental work done?

For many, the answer is yes. For patients who wish to transition from traditional braces to SureSmile® clear aligners, it could be a possibility. You will need to be seen by Dr. Gallagher for a complimentary exam to determine if SureSmile® is right for you. Patients who have veneers, crowns or bridgework will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Does SureSmile® provide the most precise oral models in the industry?

Yes, SureSmile® represents the gold standard in orthodontic treatment planning to deliver the most precise models in the industry. A study published by the University of Minnesota indicated that SureSmile® CAD models were the most accurately measured. By combining high quality appliance fabrication with powerful planning software, SureSmile® aligners provide clinically advanced aligner treatment options. You can treat a full case or simply finish a case with SureSmile®. Either way, you can be sure to get a beautiful smile with SureSmile®.

What payment options are available for SureSmile® treatment?

Many dental insurance plans cover treatment with SureSmile® the same way they would cover braces. Coverage will vary per person, per policy and may include coverage up to a certain percentage or dollar amount. Dr. Gallagher will bill any PPO insurance for you. You may also use your flexible savings account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to help cover the cost of your treatment. In addition, Dr. Gallagher offers interest-free monthly payment plans. Payment methods accepted by Dr. Gallagher include Visa, MC, Discover, CareCredit, Cash, Check.

What is the process to begin SureSmile® treatment with Dr. Gallagher?

Your NEW smile begins with a complimentary examination, then diagnostics records, followed by a treatment consultation where a digital scan is taken and the treatment planning process begins.