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Dr. Gallagher is a thorough orthodontist who genuinely cares about the smile of every patient. He designs, engineers, and constructs your smile with the latest and up-to-date technology in a friendly and fun environment. His incredible staff treat each patient with kindness and care, making sure you have a great experience every visit.

— Jon Mark Hurley (Salinas, CA)
Testimonials from our orthodontic patients

Dr. Gallagher has been amazing. He and his staff have made me and my parents feel so comfortable each and every time we’ve been to his office. Dr. Gallagher cares about his patients and I am glad we went to him and no one else!

— Nina Zaragoza (Gilroy, CA)

Approximately one year ago, I underwent orthognathic surgery on both my upper and lower jaw. It was an extensive surgical process that required approximately eight hours of surgery, two surgeons and several months of healing. Prior to my surgery, I had many office visits with Dr. Gallagher and his amazing staff. These visits entailed having pre-op photos taken, molds done, removal of adult teeth and years of orthodontics prior to my actual surgery. There was great communication between Dr. Gallagher, my oral surgeon and my dentist which made the process a lot smoother. Anybody undergoing this similar type of surgery should plan ahead and be ready for a life changing experience. I strongly recommend Dr. Gallagher for any pre-op orthodontic work since he is very knowledgeable with the entire process from start to finish. Thank you so much, Dr. Gallagher and staff, for making my smile straighter, brighter and bigger!

— Adrian Mitre (Gilroy, CA)